In terms of rewards, this REI MasterCard review really shows that they are quite generous. First, get 5% cashback on REI purchases (actually 5% cashback): Very few store credit cards (like the Hot Topic credit card) offer cashback rewards like this. Plus, you get 1% cash back on all other purchases (as it’s a MasterCard, you can use it anywhere).


Exciting Login Rewards 

Earn Rewards

Card earns 5% on REI, including full price and discounted items, REI gift cards, REI services, fees and adventure travel. Get 2% cashback on mobile wallet purchases and 1% cashback on all other purchases.

Reducing the cost of your REI Adventure travel by 50% when you use your REI Mastercard and part of your REI annual dividend is part of the REI Mastercard benefits. When you apply a $200 dividend to a $2,800 REI adventure, you are essentially saving an additional $100 in travel costs.

This card also offers a $100 welcome bonus on the REI Gift Card if you make a purchase within 60 days of the card being approved. The gift card can be used for a future purchase.

Redeem Rewards

Dividends are automatically credited to the REI member account associated with the card in March. You can spend your REI dividends in store or online. Dividends can be redeemed at the store for cash between July 1st and January 3rd of the year following the dividend payment.


You can also request payment of your dividend by check using an online form, over the phone or by mail. While checks can be requested at any time, they will only be sent between July 1st and January 3rd.

Potential Rewards

A benchmark average of income and expenses across multiple categories is determined using data from various government agencies. The 70th percentile of high-income households earns $107,908 a year and has $64,144 in standard expenses. Assuming 50% of these expenses are charged to this card, the card’s total annual expenses are $32,702.