The REI Co-op World Elite Mastercard is available exclusively to REI Co-op members and earns annual REI “dividends” in rewards. You must attach a one-time $30 payment if you are not a REI member to apply for the card. Dividend for REI members is 10% off full price items, even without REI credit card. So if you’re a regular REI buyer, it’s easy to justify spending the upfront membership fee.


Know The Login Benefits


There are many precautions against credit card fraud with credit cards. For example, REI Mastercard has no liability for fraud, which means the cardholder is not responsible for these amounts if used to make fraudulent charges.

Ease Of Borrowing

There are forms of revolving and non-revolving credit. Credit cards are classified as a form of revolving credit, which means that the credit card holder can borrow anytime, anywhere as long as they have not reached their credit limit.

Credit Creation

In other words, the wise use of a credit card can be used to increase a person’s credibility, which can lead to better interest rates and better loan terms. Something that can make all the difference when it comes to a wide range of very popular loan products.

Receive The $100 Gift Card

As an incentive, REI is offering a $100 gift card to REI credit cardholders when they use it to make a qualifying purchase. Of course, there is a limited window of opportunity for this particular incentive, namely a 60-day window to make that purchase.


7.5% Premium

The REI credit card encourages people to make more purchases at REI. This is evident in the way REI purchases are refunded at 5%, whether those purchases are made at full price or at retail. It’s an awesome feature if you shop quite a bit at this retailer.

1% Rewards

For non-REI purchases, the premium is refunded at 1%, which is not as good as the rates you might find on other premium credit cards. In both cases, premiums are paid annually.